Astrophotography with lucky imaging methods and analysis, detection and discovery of new compact nebulae YSO, PN, HHO

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Welcome - I am working on methods for image-based analysis and detection of compact emission nebulae, primarily Young Stellar Objects (YSO), Herbig-Haro Objects (HHOs) and Planetary Nebulae (PNe), as well as exposure techniques for high-resolution astrophotography with Lucky Imaging. On my website you can find own discoveries and further results of my work.

Latest discoveries

In our citizen science project we have discovered 14 new planetary nebulae (PNe) as well as two Herbig-Haro Objects (HHO). Click here for the discoveries:

Bresseler 6, Br 6 or PNG 088.2-00.8 - discoveryimage with ASI220MM and Celestron C11 EHD F/11

Bresseler 6, Br 6 or PNG 088.2-00.8, is a new and young planetary nebula in the constellation Swan. You can find the PN at the position: 21:08:31.30 +46:28:49.70. The brightness is about 15 mag visually, i.e. the PN should be visible in telescopes around 12 - 14" in combination with an [OIII] filter. Br 6 can of course also be captured photographically, which should be possible with telescopes from 6 - 8". Br 6 has a size of approx. 10 arc seconds.
more Data: Bresseler 6, Br 6, PNG 088.2-00.8


2024/05 - First light Celestron RASA C8, ASI2600MC Duo, SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro, Selfguiding

Celestron C11 Edge HD and Skywatcher EQ6-R mount

Currently I am using a Celestron C11 Edge HD and Skywatcher EQ6-R mount. For widefield images i use a Celestron RASA C8.

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